About us

We are offering a conscious fashion alternative for women and children to dress with a timeless and bohemian style. Fine clothing blending design and craftsmanship through a harmonious collaboration between independent designers and artisan women of Mexico's indigenous people. Sensitive and talented persons who carefully produce limited editions of high quality garments with a cultural heritage behind. We offer more than just clothing!

We, like you, love details and appreciate objects with meaning: Well-made clothes that look nice but also feels great to wear, combining functionality and comfort to make sure children can enjoy and roam around freely. We hope you like the clothes as much as we do! In addition, you and we together contribute to preserve craftsmanship and cultural heritage in fashion.

We want to create the links between those who produce goods and conscientious consumers, thus generating sustainable development. Our web boutique follows fair trade, ethics and social responsibility principles. Every garment is carefully made in local workshops in small productions using high quality materials in all the work process. By respect to the workers, to you and to the planet.

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